Citizens Choice Federal Credit Union

Citizenís Choice Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative that offers a wide range of products with the most convenient rates. We know how important it is always to have options to select from; therefore, we provide a large variety of services for every citizen: share accounts, payroll deduction, direct deposit, auto loans, share secured loans, etc.

The Credit Union is federally insured, which means that, for the longest time, we have guaranteed a safe space to keep your money. And we continue to do so. We update our privacy policy regularly, introducing new technologies, to assure you that all your financial matters are safe with us.

Our highly-trained team is also here to inform our customers about all the available funding options on the current financial market. Even if we do not provide the full spectrum of the new services ourselves, we keep our clients informed by partnering with many certified matching services.

Due to our collaboration with other connecting platforms, we provide choices of all types of cash advance loans online. Student loans are now available to those who got rejected for a flexible payment option for school or college. Those who want to be matched directly with an investor can find their option from peer-to-peer lending. Also, our customers, who previously could not get a loan because of bad credit history, can now apply for bad credit loans guaranteed approval.

Our mission at Citizenís Choice FCU is to unite all the possible options into one platform and ensure our community is provided with certified products only. We give you options; you make a choice!

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"This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration."
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